Friday, July 18, 2008

Black Only Words?!?

After the story broke that Jesse Jackson used the "N" word in his now infamous flap in which he also threatened to forcefully remove Barack Obama's "nuts" it renewed a debate that I have been hearing for years. Specifically, that while white people are not allowed to use the "N" word, it is ok for black people to use it. This is not one of Jesse Jackson's positions as he as called for everyone to stop using the word.

Moving beyond the, "this is America, and in America people have the freedom to say whatever they want" which is only mostly true anyways, are there race specific allowed words?

I for one sincerely hope not. What is it that the civil rights leaders fought, and in some cases died for? White only bathrooms, and "colored" bathrooms outraged them. They fought for equality. They did not fight to make the whites share their bathroom while maintaining the black only bathroom. The same goes for the water fountains, and everything else that was separated by race.

Yet now, as those leaders grow old, there is now a movement to bring back some of that separation. This time it is not about use of facilities, it is about a division of the English language. What happened to equality?

It seems like a simple enough concept; if a word is to inflammatory to be used by a white person, it should be to inflammatory to be used by a black person. Equality means equality, no person or race should be "more equal."


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