Thursday, July 3, 2008

Introduction - Andrew Berman

The Berman Post is not my first venture into the media world. I have already participated in at least seven news or media organizations. The first was my brief participation in Blind Brook's (my high school) newspaper, the Focus though not always under my real name.

After starting at Manhattanville (college), I joined the Touchstone, which was my second. When I joined it was the only college publication that came out more than once a year. Working for the Touchstone I advanced from a journalist, to the Business Editor/Manager, to the Assistant Editor (the number two spot, just under the Editor-in-Chief).

The Summer after my junior year I became an intern for The Heritage Foundation. More specifically, I was a Communications and Marketing intern. While their I had two articles published in my name, including one on Fox News, as a well as helping with a number of other published without my name.

While at Manhattanville I founded and was the Editor-in-Chief of the Right World View. After some unfortunate events (their is of course a much longer story here, but this is not the time or place) I no longer worked for the Touchstone. With my time freed up and then reinvested, I was able to turn the Right World View into the dominant Manhattanville publication surpassing the Touchstone in every quantifiable category with the sole exception of longevity. For a partial list, you can look at the Records and Accomplishments page. The Right World View continues to be a dominant force at Manhattanville.

Also while at Manhattanville, I ran the first, and only, Student Government Newsletter. This was from my position of Chair of the Finance Board (VP of Student Government).

After graduating from college, I briefly worked for Home Town Media Group, a local news paper.

Lastly (so far), I helped found the Cardozo Jurist, and took the position of Associate Executive Editor as a 1L (first year student) at
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.

All, or most of the articles that I have written for the various publications can be found in this blog. To find them you can look through the archives or click on the label
"Imported Work".

Please note that where possible, I will usually copy the articles from the source, and as such they may be slightly modified from my original work.

Update: I became the Business Manager of the Cardozo Jurist in the first issue of the second year.

(Note: Not all the my Past Works have been imported yet; it is a continuing process.)


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