Thursday, July 3, 2008

Introducing the Berman Post

Welcome to the Berman Post. My name is Andrew Berman and I am the founder of this blog. While the Berman Post is not a niche blog, most of my posts will be focused on the news, advice, commentary, research, politics, technology, or random interesting musings. I may add some interesting quotes that I come up with as well. As other people join, if other people join, they will likely have their own focuses. These may overlap with others, or may not.

Please note that while this is the first Berman Post blog post, my older work is included with the correct dates. These older works will be clearly labeled "Imported Work" and have a time stamp of 12:01 AM; if their is more than one for the same day the time stamp will be 12:01 + 00:01 for each additional work. Articles or writings that I do outside the Berman Post will also be included where possible and appropriate using the same protocol.

If you would like to join the a Berman Post, email

If you would like to submit a guest post, email your post to Please be sure to include instructions with your email (sign real name, sign tag name, post email, post URL...). If no instructions are received with the email we will include both your name and email in the post. Also, if accepted, your guest post will be published as is; read unedited.

Disclaimer: The views of each writer reflect only the views of that writer, not on anyone one else affiliated with the Berman Post nor the site itself. This is also true for guest posts.


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