Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Terrorists use Construction Vehicle in Jerusalem Attack, Again

A Palestinian man when on a rampage using a construction vehicle as his weapon. Thankfully, it appears that no one has or will die as a result of this attack. The Israelis were not so fortunate in regard to the first construction vehicle attack (Jerusalem Post). Unfortunately, with no obvious way to effectively prevent such attack from occurring, the Israelis will likely be force to stop other construction vehicle attack in not so distant future.

Reporting on this second attack: Jerusalem Post

"Sixteen people were wounded, one of them moderately, as a bulldozer driver went on a rampage in central Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon in an apparent attempt to recreate the terror attack in the capital earlier this month.

The vehicle reportedly left a construction site near the Yemin Moshe neighborhood and set off towards Liberty Bell Park (Gan Hapa'amon), near the corner of Keren Hayesod and King David streets. It drove a distance of approximately 160 meters, attempting to overturn a bus and crashing into four other vehicles - one of which it flipped over. The man was then shot dead by a civilian and a border policeman.


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