Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barack Obama Removes the American Flag From his Campaign Jet

Half a million dollars went to refurbishing Barack Obama's campaign jet. Some where along the way, the huge American flag on the tail of the plane was removed and replaced with his own logo. gone to is the flag that used to be over the door from which he exits and enters the plane.

I can not say for sure that Barack Obama gave the order to remove both flags, but it is inconceivable to me that he did not at the very least approve it. This comes just as he is about to to Europe and the Middle East for high level talks and speeches.

Despite what some are claiming, this does not prove he is unpatriotic. Patriotism can be something internal and very personal. This is however, some blunder. Especially when you consider the heat he has taken for things in the past; notably his on again off again relationship with the flag pin.

Who ever decided that it was a good idea to remove the symbol of this country and replace it with a symbol of Barack Obama before flying to foreign countries should probably be fired.

Before and after pictures available at the site below.

The Patriot Room

"Barack Obama recently finished a $500,000 total overhaul of his 757. And as part of the new design, he decided to remove the American flag from the tail. What American running for President of the United States would remove the symbol of his country? And worse, he replaced the flag with it with a symbol of himself.

This is not the same as “forgetting” to put your hand over your heart during the national anthem. It is not even the same as wearing or not wearing an American flag lapel pin. It is a conscious, expensive decision to emphasize the importance of self over country. It is the very essence of arrogance, hubris, and, yes, megalomania.


  1. Patriotism is an evil thing. Look what it does to people!

  2. Blind patriotism is a bad but informed patriotism is not.

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