Thursday, July 17, 2008

Israel Trades Live Terrorists for Two IDF Bodies

The Israeli government has released five Hezbollah terrorists for return of the two missing IDF soldiers bodies that have been held for about two years. Most notably among the terrorist returned is Samir Kantar, who after killing a man in front of his four year old daughter, caved the daughters skull in with the but of his rifle. He was treated like a hero and greeted with much fan fair, including high government officials, upon his return; disgusting.

While getting the two bodies back is certainly something positive to come out of this, there were almost certainly be negative repercussions. The released terrorists have already pledged to continue fighting against Israel, and the group is left thinking/knowing that kidnapping will work. It also takes the incentive out of keeping captives alive.

It is good that two families finally have a body to close a sad chapter in their lives, but it may reduce the chances of getting the third missing soldier back alive. It also increases the likelihood of more kidnapping attempts.


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