Wednesday, July 16, 2008

United States Official to Join Talks With Iran

A top United States diplomat will reportedly join the talks with Iran. This is in the continuing effort to find a peaceful solution to prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons. Iran continues to deny that their nuclear program is for anything other than peaceful purposes, but most are skeptical of that claim. Below is an excerpt from the Washington Post.

Washington Post

"The Bush administration will send a senior envoy this weekend to international talks with Iran about its nuclear program in what U.S. officials described as a "one-time deal" designed to demonstrate a serious desire to negotiate a solution to the impasse over Tehran's ambitions.

In a significant departure from long-standing policy, Undersecretary of State William J. Burns will join a scheduled meeting in Geneva between European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana and top Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, according to a senior State Department official.

Burns, State's third-ranking official, will not negotiate with the Iranians nor hold separate meetings, the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the decision had not yet been announced. Instead, Burns will advance the White House's position that serious negotiations can begin only after Iran suspends uranium enrichment.

This situation in Iran is one of the most potentially disastrous world wide. Iran is a major supporter of terrorism, and neither the United States nor Israel would consider a nuclear armed Iran acceptable. It is believed that Iran could be as little as six months away from having nuclear weapons if they are not convinced to halt their program.

If Iran can not be convinced to end its nuclear weapons program a conflict seems inevitable. Since a ground invasion seems unlikely, an air and missile attack is the probable alternative. Such an attack, executed correctly, would likely be successful in setting back Iran for a number of years. Even if the attack goes off with out a hitch, and the attacker (likely either the United States or Israel) takes minimal to no casualties, and Iran takes minimal collateral damage, the effects would still reverberate through out the world.

Iran's response would likely be at the very least to stop exporting oil, and they are in the perfect position to disrupt the exports from that region. The effects of that, well, you can probably imagine.

So, hopefully this new diplomatic tactic will work. I am not holding my breath, but nothing else has seemed to work. If this fails, the world may have to decide between military confrontation and a nuclear armed Iran.


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