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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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Drobo can make an even 50 drive model and it will still suffer from the same major flaw/concern. The drives are all right next to each other. While a simple hard drive fail is a concern the first models solved that. The problem is simultaneous fails from an outside source. That means it is dropped, flood, fire, stolen... . Since they are all adjacent what happens to one will likely happen to the other.

You need to have your backup either duplicated in the crowd (Think large-biz-style-Dropbox) and/or in a different physical location.

I think Dropbox is your best solution, combined with TrueCrypt if you are security minded. If you are worried about the prospects of not having an internet connection I would say max out whatever memory card fits in your phone and carry a small connector cable around.

Dropbox is a phenomenal service for a lot of different reasons. Perhaps the most important is how seamless everything is. It works exactly how you think is should, and all in the background without you even noticing. It starts with a simple core idea; they give you an internet accessible folder that also exists on your hard drive. From that core it layers out endlessly.
Computer crashes ... not a big deal, your Dropbox files are backed up automatically.
Family or Friends wants your photo album ... easy as inviting them to share the Dropbox folder and the pictures are automatically download onto their computer.
Forgot that important document at home ... no you didn't, the most up to date document is already on your work computer and accessible online.
Work computer runs on a different operating system then your home computer ... doesn't matter; and just for good measure you can also access it all on your phone regardless of its operating system or model.
With Dropbox you almost do not realize your files are in the Cloud. There is no confusing interface to deal with nor problem with multiple files taking up all your space. Dropbox acts just like all the other folders you have on your computer. Once in the folder though, the files become much more versatile. They are protected from hardware crashes or even accidental deletion, you can share them with a few clicks, and they are accessible anywhere with an internet connection.
Dropbox is a service from the future, here today, and totally free. What more could you ask for?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


As you may have noticed, the Berman Post now has a blogroll. It should go without saying that we are in no way implying that we agree with everything everyone in the blogroll says. Some we may disagree with most of the time. Inclusion in the blogroll means that we believe their material is generally worth reading.

If you would like to be included in our blogroll, email with your URL. It would not hurt your cause if you had already included the Berman Post in your blogroll.

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