Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Willful/Negligent Tactical Ignorance of The Left

There is one thing that has really suck with me in the aftermath of the Gaza 'aid' flotilla incident. Forget that the left seems uninterested that these 'peace activists' were armed, attacked the Israelis, or had prepared and hoped for some form of martyrdom and conflict. What really stuck with me is best summed up in the now retired Helen Thomas and echoed on her side of the ideological sphere; 'Deliberate Massacre'.

I understand the left has a visceral objection to guns and weapons of any sort, but that is not an excuse to be so woefully ignorant in tactics that it appears to be either intentional or negligent; way beyond mere stupidity. I am not even talking about something as basic as being able to distinguish the Kalashnikov (AK47) and M16, nor something as basic as telling a bolt action rifle apart from a sub machine gun (though a respectable journalist should). I am talking about being able to tell the difference between a hand gun and a rocket launcher. I am not talking about knowing the age old concepts of a pincer or flanking maneuver. I am talking about understanding conceptually if only from the vocabulary used what a wedge and encompassing maneuver are.

There are really concepts children easily grasp, though those on the left appear to have a gaping hole where the logical truth should be. Lets pretend the goal really was to massacre the people on the ships. For this we must ignore the five other ships in that flotilla where there was no violence, so we must assume that the massacre was only intended on that last ship. First question, how many people should have died? Answer, certainly more than a dozen. You have a significantly superior side in terms of firepower, training, and resources, and the 'massacre target' confined to a small space with no avenue of retreat. It is almost the human equivalent of fish in a barrel. Second question, how would you go about massacring people? Before giving an answer it is important to note that the goal here would be to kill as many people as possible while risking as few of your troops/assets. It does not take genius to figure out the most effective method would be to bomb the ship. Bombing not your style, how about a torpedo. Do not want the big fireball, how about some large caliber rounds. Want to save the large caliber rounds, you could have a strafing run or small(er) caliber rifle/machine gun fire from the deck of a near by ship or hovering helicopters. Note that all of these have put either no troops at risk or fairly minimal risk, especially compared to landing forces on the ship.

I can hear the objections; 'the Israelis wanted to make it look good, they could not blow up the ship because then people would know they intended to massacre everyone'. Lets assume for a moment that this is true. Israel wanted to massacre the people on board but make it look like they never intended to. What would be a more effective massacre weapon, a 9mm pistol or a machine gun? The Israelis rappelled down holding paintball guns.

The logical leaps and bounds liberals have to make to get to this 'massacre notion' is beyond any reasonable stretch of the imagination. Basically; Israel indented to massacre everyone, forgot about the plan on five of the six ships, chose the least effective means possible, chose the most risky means possible, and then failed miserably. Now compare that to what conservatives understand; Israel was enforcing a blockade to prevent rockets from being smuggled into Gaza, on one of the six ships they were surprised by significant hostile force, and had to resort to their side arms after being beaten, stabbed, and watching comrades thrown overboard as 'peace activists' were trying to bring down the helicopters. Those are mutually exclusive options. You know where I stand. I just can not understand how any sensible person could honestly believe the alternative.

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