Monday, July 26, 2010

Howard Dean (D) - "Fox News is Racist"

As far as I can tell, Howard Dean's argument is that Fox News is Racist because Obama pushed for Shirley Sherrod's firing for fear that Fox News Would air the tape, even though they had no aired the tape until after the firing, and when Beck finally did air the tape the following day he came out in support of Shirley Sherrod. Yeah, I do not really get it either.

Video embedded below.

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  1. Dean is not saying that Fox News is racist because of the way the White House anticipates their Racism- Fox news is racist because of what FOX NEWS DOES.

    Even though she was fired before Fox News gave platform to the latest of A Breitbart flame job, they pretty much acted that evening in a predictable, hysterical, race baiting way that you could expect fox news to do.

    Sherrod's "racism", is just the latest in a line of demonstrably false, lies that people like Breitbart put forward, to get picked up by republican party serving media like Fox News. the ACORN "scandal" has been shown to be a lie. the New Black Panther "Case" is another one. (Don't expect Fox to report thos facts to you though). Sherrod is just the latest, except this time these idiots have been exposed alot sooner and a lot more publicly then in the past.

    Hopefully now people in the media and the government will better recognize that Fox is not a news organization.

  2. So even if the commentators or Rupert Murdoch do not themselves hold racist views ( his motivation is profit, rodger ailes and the commentators are political), they do very consiously play on the racial animus of their audience. Notice Fox News Audience is Just 1.38% Black, compared to CNN or MSNBC which both have 20 percent black viewership.


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