Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fall Out From The Full Shirley Sherrod Tape

Breitbart warned the NAACP and then dropped the video resulting in a breakneck speed forced resignation. She said the White House forced her to resign mainly from fear of Fox News. Then the full tape was released, after the NAACP had condemned her, having the tape in their possession the whole time. The tape showed that she was talking about incident that happened years back; a story of redemption where she got past her racism. That is not to say that it was free of racism, but much less then originally appeared. Breitbart said the story was never supposed to be about her, but about the reaction of the crowd; the crowed that could not know it was a story of redemption while they seemed to be acknowledging the incident with approval. Vilsack fell on his sword, repeatedly, Gibbs apologized, and Obama seemed to acknowledge that this was another 'I do Not Have All The Facts, But The Police Acted Stupidly' which incidentally happen exactly one year ago. Obama has talked to her and she has since been offered a new job.


  1. he best part of this story is yet to be told

    if it ever will be

    that being, who set-up Andrew Breitbart?

    i'd be willing to bet even money, that if that "edited" video

    is able to be traced back to its point of origin

    the trail would lead directly back to the NAACP

    you know, that group that jumped right up immediately and demanded Sherrod be fired

    and the White House demanding her resignation immediately

    the White House? why would they even get involved in this?

    only to have the original recording show up the next day exonerating poor Shirley

    what's that funny smell in the air

    this smells all too close to being an orchestrated incident

    a mindshade masterstroke, if there ever was one.

    is that reparations for black farmers that i see coming down the road?

    is this part of a ruse to right the alleged racial wrongs in our country?

    oh no, another EO is heading our way



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