Monday, July 19, 2010

States With Stricter Gun Control Laws Are Less Safe

Glenn Reynolds refers to this sarcastically as a "SHOCKING DISCOVERY". Of course it is not, statistics and analysis constantly show this, liberal hand wringing aside. Even if we did not have the data to back up the claim so clearly, it would still be a simple notion just on its logic. There is a mini logical proof I use when debating people in favor of strict gun control:

Part one - Ask; "Do you think that criminals (murders, rapists, bank robbers...), people who by definition are law breakers, will respect gun control laws?"

If they answer yes - back to part one, rephrased slightly, until they give you the only valid answer; that law breakers break the law.

When they answer no - move to part two

Part two - Say; "So what you are saying is that the only thing gun control laws due is prevent the law abiding citizens, the people who we want to have the guns, from defending themselves."

If they answer no - go back to step one

If they answer yes - just wait for them to understand and acknowledge they have become supporters of the second amendment.

"After collating gun ownership rates with FBI violent crime rates, other interesting correlations appear:

  • As gun ownership levels increase, Brady grades decrease.

  • States with higher gun ownership levels have less violent crime and murder.

Gun Ownership vs. Brady, Violent Crime, Murder
Percent Gun



FBI RatesAve.


FBI Rates
Under 30%B+610.07.6B+599.78.2
Over 50%D-319.64.2D-314.83.9

Brady’s “reasonable” gun control correlates with reduced gun ownership and higher rates of overall violence and murder.

Collating gun ownership rates with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) homicide data underscores the above conclusions:

  • States with the lowest firearms ownership average the highest firearm and non-firearm homicide rates.

  • As firearms ownership rates increase, homicide rates generally decrease.

  • States with the highest gun ownership have the lowest firearms homicide rates.

Gun Ownership vs. CDC Homicide Rates
Pct. Gun

Under 30%9.324.904.428.095.612.47
Over 50%

(Note: the CDC collects information from death certificates, while the FBI collects data from law enforcement agencies.)
These data show that law-abiding Americans are safest where they have the easiest access to firearms, rendering Henigan’s premise invalid."

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