Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rick Santelli - 'If They Put Father of The Tea Party on my Tombstone They Can Bury me With a Smile'

His rant is credited with launching the movement; or at least giving it a major just, and he seems pleased.

Video embedded below.

"And no matter how loud the debate, Santelli has "great respect" for his fellow CNBCers. "It's not personal...I don't do this for any other reason that I naturally have a passion when I find topics that are interesting. It's purely philosophical differences."

But despite his passionate beliefs, Santelli doesn't "see politics in my future." A self-described Independent, though, he's pleased that after his '09 rant, some call him the Father of the Tea Party. "Look, if that's what they put on my tombstone, they can bury me with a smile.

"...This grassroots movement of the Tea Party, to me, is as American as it gets. And whether you are left, center, or right, to me it's not about politics. It's about, in this country, we're not afraid to speak up."

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