Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Media Outlets Editing Photos to Remove Gaza Flotilla 'Peace Activists' Weapons

How did that Israeli soldier get hurt? He must have stabbed himself and then thrown the knife overboard. That, or one of the 'peace activists' repeatedly stabbed him. If only there was a picture that showed who was holding the knife. That is right, there is such a photo, not that you would know if you read certain media organizations that ran photos cropping out the 'peace activists' weapons. This is unfortunately nothing knew as we have seen numerous edited photos meant to make Israel look bad. It is still disturbing.


"The guy on the ground in green is one of the Israeli commandos. Notice the red circle I added. It shows one of the terrorists on the flotilla boat holding a knife

 Now here is the same picture as first released by Reuters. Notice that they cropped out the the terrorist's knife?

CAMERA contacted the Reuters editor about the cropped photograph in which the knife in the hand of a Mavi Marmara passenger was cut out, and Reuters replaced the cropped photo with the original.
Notice the two red squares I added on the right side of the picture. One shows a knife in the hand of one of the terrorists and the bloody hand of an Israeli soldier. The one on the bottom right shows the blood of the soldier who was dragged to the ground after being stabbed.

Now the Reuters Version, notice anything missing? The knife and the hand are gone and the blood is almost gone.

Reuters second knife cropped.jpg

And there's more -- information from the Reuters Pictures Web site reveals that these images were IHH handouts

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