Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maine Boom Actually Above Grade?

The story about this boom sitting unused in warehouses takes another turn. After the story that it was deemed sub par a new person was called in to review it who said it actually exceeds the standards.

""I have never directly looked at boom before," says Ian T. Durham of the Department of Physics and Cooperative Engineering at Saint Anselm College.

That said, Durham says, analyzing boom "is a fairly standard, pretty simple mechanical engineering problem."
He says Packgen's boom is superior to other boom. Its woven polypropelene is "practically indestructible," he says. "Packgen uses it to make toxic waste disposal containers."

Using woven polypropelene means the Packgen boom isn't "going to twist like the vinyl" boom. "And it's easier to deploy. It's nice and stiff and it floats really nicely."

Durham says he was hired to make sure that the Packgen boom met all of the ASTM standards, which he says it did. He "absolutely" believes the government should buy and deploy it. "I don’t work for Packgen, I have no loyalty to them," he says. "I think it certainly will work" in coastal areas, though he "wouldn't deploy it deepwater."

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