Sunday, June 27, 2010

Germany Crushes England 4-1, But Because of a Horrid Call?

Germany went up two, then England seemed to rally. They scored, then about a minute later they scored again. Well; they did get the ball into the German goal, but the ref did not count it. Everyone there saw, clear as day, the ball was in. Had the goal rightly counted England would have gone into the second have tied having rallied from a 2-0 deficit. Instead they came out down one and the Germans ran away with the game. I can not tell you how, or even if, the game would have played out differently had the ref made the right call. The fact that it might have though ... bad calls should not determine a game.

Video embedded below.

"Uruguayan assistant ref Mauricio Espinosa, who must have been half-blind, somehow failed to notice that Frank Lampard's shot had travelled a good four feet over the line after rattling the underside of the bar.

It would have got England back level at 2-2 from 2-0 down.
German journalists in the press box found it all highly amusing.

Was this revenge for 1966 and Geoff Hurst's infamous goal?

Hurst's was debatable, Lampard's wasn't even an argument.

Capello claimed, had the goal been given, it would have been a different game - that psychologically the whole dynamic would have changed.

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