Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kagan Swore in Emails

This is such a ridiculous non story that it is more post worthy that the NY Times chose to report on the action than the action itself. Supreme Court Nominee Kagan used curse words in a few of her emails. Oh gosh golly, how terribly offended we should all be by her use of bad words in three of her private emails. If she was dropping 'F-bombs' in dissenting opinions, that would be more note worthy. Not sure if it would be a negative though because it would spice them up enough that the non-legal minds among us might take an interest. In private emails though, it is such a non issue it really should not have even merited mentioning that it was a non issue.

"Her writing could be earthy, with at least three messages using variations on the two most common swear words.

In one, she responded to a message with a single word, weaving one of them into “unbelievable.” In another, she said her staff should not take on empty tasks. “You should go,” she said, “but don’t volunteer us for the” scutwork — though she substituted an epithet for the first part of that last word.

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