Thursday, May 13, 2010

SWAT Team Shoots Dog in Drug Raid Gone Horribly Wrong

Video embedded below. (Obvious Content Warning)


  1. WTF was that all about??? Why was the dog shot??? WTF is this government by the people ,for the people become???

  2. Look's like an add for an ANTI-SWAT Product .God damn a buffalo that's a Million Dollar Idea!!!How bout when the SWAT GOONS break down the front door the whole line of Ducks get covered with fast setting foam-insulation.Market it as an ANTI-HOME INVASION PRODUCT.Now how to take care of the flame-thrower tanks the Government will send next like they used @ WACO,I got it EMP in a can :)

  3. This must be a big drug dealer. They found a pipe, a grinder and a small amount of pot.

    Dangerous individual for sure.

    The dog will go to doggie heaven for sure. None are turned away.

    Papa Ray


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