Friday, May 7, 2010

Media Outraged Over Movie About Killing Opponents of Illegal Immigration ... Just Kidding

Since it is violence by liberals against conservatives, you do not have to worry about any outrage from the main stream media. This is not creating a an atmosphere of violence, it is just healthy artistic expression. Can you imagine the outrage that would be expressed by the media if there was a movie about the slaughtering of people who supported amnesty.

Video embedded below. (Violence and Language Waring)


  1. This kind of thing by you is really weird. Do you think anyone but you and others who are self-identified right wing view the world through a "liberal vs conservative" frame like you do? The answer is no they don't. The truth is most people see what was done in arizona, as done out of hatred or disregard for other people- sorry no one really cares about the sensitivities about the people who create bigoted laws. If this bothers you then you should reconsider why- is it because there is violence portrayed? or because you identify yourself in an ideological movement?

    Your waynes brother thing below too, If you are through the looking glass, then the fact that the vast majority of the planet views Bush and Palin as people who did negative things is a shock and horror- otherwise no one feels bad or has sympathy for the Bush dynasty or a public relations professional like Palin- they have done enough damage. If marlon waynes is a partisan obama supporter, as he might be, then who cares? no one. like no one cares that you are a partisan republican except others in the conservative entertainment audience.

  2. Amen brother. If this was the other way around, there would be calls for boycotts, stopping of the filming or showing of the film, etc. The left is so hypocritical. I think it's time OUR side started to get violent too.


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