Saturday, May 1, 2010

Immigration Rally (NYC Union Square)

The turnout of the Immigration Rally this year at Union Square (NYC) was much higher than last year where the rain may have kept attendance low and without a strong rallying cry that Arizona's New Immigration Enforcement Law has given them this year. The people were also more friendly this year and I did not have any negative 'incidents'.

A large portion of the rally was done in Spanish, and there were more foreign, and even communist flags, than American. As I have opined before, this is at the very least bad 'image-wise'. If you are upset that it may become more difficult for you to get and stay in the country, you would think that would mean that you like this country. If you did not, why would you come in the first place, and why would you be upset if you could not stay. With that in mind, why would you not wave the American flag. I am not saying that you have to wave the flag to prove your support, nor that you are forbidden to wave your own, but I can not understand why people waving flags would not wave both (their country of origin and the US). There were some people who did just that, and a few who were waving the American flag exclusively, but they were vastly outnumbered by the rest. As for the English, how are you supposed to convince people that they are wrong in what they believe in if you are using a language they can not understand? You simply can not.

I am not good at estimating crowd size, but I usually give it a try. For this protest my first thought was 1,500+. I spoke to a cop who guessed around 2,000 but also said it was relatively small by the park standards. It did not seem small to me. When the rally turned into a march (which I did not follow), my guess changed to 2000+. Keep in mind with these numbers that it is hard to tell exactly who is there for the rally, who was there because it was a gorgeous day, and who was there for there own separate rally. I find that with protests of liberal causes you generally find an amalgamation of a number of different groups that support each other but are mostly there for their own cause. This is much more pronounced than with the Tea Party Protests where you may have a few 'abolish the fed' type people, where here you have sizable sections of the protest that are from allied groups.

On to some pictures. I will start with two crowd shots so you can make your own estimate. The images could not be stitched together because to many moving people would have made it look awful. With that in mind, just imagine the shots side by side with a slight overlap for the full crowd shot.

The Socialists/Communist were out in force; not just in number of people but in number of different groups.

Here are a few that will make Pelosi cry; accusations of fascism and Swastikas.

There were a lot of people waving signs around. While a few of them were clearly had made, the vast majority of them were duplicate printed signs. The Unions were also out in force, and surprising number of them. These things are part of the consideration for if the protest was genuine Grassroots or Astroturf. While those two factors can cut against being genuine Grassroots, I believe that the majority of the crowd was indeed genuine Grassroots.

My favorites

Duplicates / Prints

Hand Made

There was a lady with an Obama Flag

A Pro-Weed protester

People advocating for another Civil War

Free Puerto Rico

People Still attacking Bush

One nude drawing of a woman in captivity
No Image, just a link to it with the Obvious Nudity Waring

Cute dog

This man was not part of the Protest, but was a interesting character.

What Liberal protest would be complete without a few pot shots at Israel.

And 9/11 Truthers

Here are some people that might be Arrested if the protest was in Arizona

The place was left pretty dirty.

Someone dropped a Condom

I will end with the Unions.

You can see all my photos (just under 225) at, I just ask that if you use any of them you link back to this post (NOT the Picasa Web Album).


  1. Your argument is slightly undermined due to the fact that you mis-spelled 'than' as 'then' three times in 3 paragraphs. You seem to have a bit of trouble with English yourself... Are you sure you are here legally?

  2. "mis-spelled" or "misspelled"?

  3. Great coverage,thank you!

  4. @Anonymous - how does making a spelling error 'undermine my argument'?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. We've posted this article on our Communists in US Government News and Reference Site.

  7. Spelling Nazis always get hoisted by their own petard. lol

    Gret pics. Thanks Berman.

  8. Great post. It seems the majority was more concerned with the destruction of the United States and support a Socialist takeover. This indicates a total lack of education. Socialism has never worked. Not one time in history. It has 'always' ended in the suffering of the people, while rewarding only the Social Elite.
    The lives of these people would be short & bitter were it not for power of the US keeping the wolves at bay.

  9. Cool! Tea Baggers with tans!

  10. If we would have elected Pat Buchanan, none of this would be happening now.

  11. Toss them out, every last one, back to the slime holes they crawled out from.

  12. Wow. You guys--especially Frank--are some pretty serious nutjobs, aren't you?

  13. Do these people actually believe that they helped their cause with such a protest? Most Americans will look at these photos and be disgusted. . .

  14. Ah, the Failed Ideology March of 2010!

  15. Thank you, Andrew, for reporting on the event, and sharing the photos with us.

    I don't know if I am ready to agree with "exemplary" yet, but I'll go along with "superb!"


    Well done.

  16. I love that one: "My dreams are not illegal." Well, no, but your *actions* may be. If you *dream* of trespassing illegally on U.S. soil, then that's not illegal, but if you actually do it, then it *is* illegal.

    Apparently, you have to be a NY Times writer and reader not to know this distinction.

    If you dream about kidnapping an innocent Arizonan, raping an underage girl or murdering a border cop, that's not illegal either. But if you actually *attempt* those things, most sentient human beings (i.e., everyone but liberals) would consider that illegal.
    The Jewish Republican's Web Sanctuary

  17. seems that some americans have forgot that America, being the greatest country in the world and offering the most opportunity, is founded upon liberty and self responsibility. it is not the governments job to provide you with a way of life. if you want that, then remember the USSR, or go live in China, or Cuba, or North Korea. After that, then tell people of the world how great socialism is and how your life has been enriched by the oh so loving government in which you trust.
    Have you forgot the revolution (only 230 years ago)? the revolt from big government and the revolt from those who wish to control people trough legislation and taxes.
    For those who love the idea of freedom, liberty, and free love, leftists sure do put alot of trust in socialist ideas. Go and discover the beauty of socialism through out the world. and then come vote for it.
    and if your an illegal- i promote the "Become and American Act" which states: you (the illegal) serve a full tour in Afganistan or Iraq, and if you come back alive, then you shall be granted full citizenship.

  18. @EW1(SG) - I can settle for superb, for now ... :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

    @Urban Infidel - thanks.

  19. I think we should free Puerto Rico. Tomorrow! They can nuzzle up to Fidel and see how their lives go.

  20. I might be a criminal, but there's one thing I'm not, sir, and that, sir, is a criminal.

  21. May I have a taco and some refried beans.

  22. @Steve - um; you can eat whatever you want, for what ever reason you have. I will say that there were a few vendors at the event but I do not recall any selling tacos or beans. Most were selling what looked like cinnamon sticks and one had what looked like orange dyed onion rings (not sure what they were, but do not think they were actually onion rings).

  23. Funny how those that criticize you use fake names or ANONs. I like your work, and I hate socialists. I'll use my real name.

  24. @Scott - that is how it often is. I leave the ability for people to be anonymous because some may legitimately face reprisal for commenting, and some just do not want to bother signing up but have something legitimate to say. The jabs from those hiding behind a mask comes with the territory.

    I appreciate you using some of my photos on your site, though I would ask that when you do you link back to the post you found them (unless I just missed the link on your page).

  25. Thank you anonymous and bermanpost...As a hispanic (not a latino,I don't speak latin)I am appalled by those who want something for free and the politicians who want to accomedate them...It totally dilutes the value of our citizenship...Terrible...

  26. There's been racial profiling for years in the U.S. -- it's called AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! So, which way do we want it?

  27. Make Mexico the 51st state, then Mexican employers would have to pay Mexican workers the American mimimun wage and there would be no reason for the workers to leave Mexico. And then American employers would have to pay Mexican workers the American mimimun wage and there would be no reason not to hire American workers instaed becuase there would be no savings. Ahhhh, Manifest Destiny!

  28. The lack of rational capacity involved in and demonstrated by almost all the above pictured individuals really is proof that we've made life too easy for idiots to reproduce unhindered.

    A more dunderheaded cause than "no borders" is hard to define.


  30. Jackpot, I came here after seeing the picture of the guy holding the "I might be illegal, but I'm not a criminal" sign on a blog, but it did not link her nor did it way where the guy was. Being nameless in the article is not a surprise, but the picture is hilarious.

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