Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What is Going on in Iowa? Update: Rommeny Wins by 8 Votes Over Santorum

It is way past time for me to go to bed (I have work tomorrow), but they still can not call it because of these two missing precincts. Santorum is up by 18 over Romney. That razor thin margin means the vote can go either way, but Santorum is the winner regardless. He may not end up in first place, but his campaign has been catapulted from near obscurity firmly into the 'not-Romney' spot, or the conservative alternative to Romney. Perry is almost certainly melting away, and Bachmann has to know she is all but out as well. Gingrich is left nipping at Perry's heals hoping that the third ticket out of Iowa is not being punched by Paul.

If you had any doubt that every vote still counts, doubt no longer.

What is the over-under on rumblings from the side that comes out in second place that there was something fishy going on with the seriously delayed precincts?

Santorum now up by only four votes.

Some question of miss-entered ballot numbers from some of the counties. This has the potential to turn really messy; if it has not already.

Update 2:
Romeny and Santorum representatives have agreed that missing precinct gives Romeny a 14 vote state wide lead? Can that really be right; representatives just agree on the missing amount?

Update 3:
Rommeny staffers (apparently) 'flash-mobbed' their previously empty announcement room from some quick celebrating.

It is apparently official; Romney places first in Iowa with a mere 14 more votes than Santorum.

Update 4:
Now it is actually official (though not certified); Romney beats Santorum by 8 votes.

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