Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Captain Schettino Refuses to Return to The Sinking Costa Concordia to Help Passengers Evacuate

A captain does not have to to down with his ship, but he should not be the first one off the sinking boat. Meet the anti-Sully Sullenberger.

Video embedded below.

"He wasn’t the only one who put himself first. While some passengers behaved heroically, crew members were spotted leaping into lifeboats while people ran around screaming on deck. The current death toll stands at 11 with 23 still missing. And all because, supposedly, Schettino wanted to do a favor for the head waiter by making a close pass of his home island.

He’s under house arrest as I write this. Even if he avoids prison, I don’t know how he’ll function in society now that this clip is going viral. It’s a “mortal sin,” said one maritime union official to Fox News. “Unforgivable.” Exit question: Where are our Benjamin Guggenheims?

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