Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is Warren Buffett's Secretary Rich? Plus, Newt Gets the Schrute!

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  1. Ian dubrowsky1/29/2012 1:34 PM

    Haha, wow. with ideological representatives like this one can only wonder how it is that "conservatism" (and note that the republican party and most americans calling themselves "conservative" are not actually that, but are in reality radical statists who will advance any use of government power to further concentrate economic wealth and monarchize the US political system) speaks so well to the current new generation!

    Of course, the truth is it is not. Increasingly this kind of ideological posture can be found among the over-privledged, rich and white set. Kicking and screaming their way out the door of relevance. only still talked about because of the disproportionate power these ideologues have relative to their actual numbers- which is few. What people who think like this do have: money, and therefore power.

    But seriously, you have to be so socially disconnected from the interests and concerns of your class to think this could have any kind of traction beyond the already brainwashed dungeons and dragons, ayn rand clutching, young republican crowd. It just further goes to show that conservatives are not interested in reflecting the concerns of a democracy, they are interested in reflecting the concerns of power. It's why one of the few semi-independent institutions int the US, the university, scares conservatives so much- they are a forum where radical views that challenge power can be expressed. So in the conservative imagination, the response says "LIBERAL BRAINWASHING AFOOT!"- bc they have nothing but tired social resentments, white man identity politics and personal attacks. In the meantime they just preach to the choir of fox news and talk radio all the time ( where actual brainwashing and propaganda are happening) and hop no one notices that for them freedom just means the freedom to conform and do whatever it is conservatives tell you to do.


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