Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Republican And Democrat Budget Bills Both Fail in The Senate

Not exactly a surprise, but the problem of not having a budget remains; government shutdown looming...

"Not a party-line vote. All 53 Democrats voted no, but so did the three tea-party all-stars: Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Jim DeMint. No word yet on whether they voted that way because they knew the bill was dead on arrival or whether they were prepared to say no even if it had a chance of passing. Paul, at least, sounded distinctly unimpressed with $61 billion in cuts during his floor speech this morning — and correctly so.
As expected, the Democrats’ lame budget proposal also failed catastrophically, with 11 Blue Dogs crossing the aisle to vote with the GOP in demanding deeper cuts. That’ll give Boehner some extra leverage in negotiating the next round with Reid, but not as much as he needs. The 42 Democrats who voted yes are still enough to mount a filibuster.

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