Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Assad (Syrian President) Blames Protests on Foreign Conspiracy

The tactic did not work for Mubarak. That said, the message matters little. The success of the protesters usually boils down to if the military and police follow the order to open fire. They would not in Egypt, they appear to be doing so in Syria.

"Syria's president dashed expectations that he would announce sweeping reforms Wednesday and instead took a tough line, blaming two weeks of popular fury on a foreign conspiracy.

Bashar Assad's own officials billed his speech as an introduction of major change and the turnaround infuriated protesters who vowed to keep up with their extraordinary cries for reform.

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  1. “People want to see an end to corruption. But on the street, people are also saying ‘We want to see reforms, but we want to see Bashar al-Assad stay in power’.” Assad was expected to use the address to discuss a string of reforms announced last week, amid a wave of dissent and protests demanding more freedoms. But he failed to elaborate on any such reforms. The speech came a day after the country’s cabinet resigned.


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