Thursday, March 31, 2011

Libyan Rebels Number Well Under 1,000?

That can not be right, can it? They would need to pick up some serious support from the countries citizenry to stand any chance. There are certainly less then there would have been had Obama not stood by for a month and watch them get bombed into oblivion. If it is true, we may be stuck between the unpalatable choices of a stalemate with need for constant Nato air strikes (not just a no fly zone) or troops on the ground.

Video embedded below.

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  1. All of the Libyan war initiative has been based on hearsay and the fact that, with the aid of the regressive media, the UN and disregard of both the Constitution and specific Law, anything may be made up to attack any nation, such as Libya, as an example. Apart from the fact that this small (6 mill pop)defenseless nation, did not attack any other country and the detailedly reported number of "innocent peaceful protesters" added up to a total of improbable 78 victims, there exists no real reason for the US, France, UK and the NATO Armed Forces to attack Libya, declaring an idiotically named Humanitarian War. Considering the small number of victims, the war was based on totally fictitious information published by the media, which repeated Obama´s and other of his followers´declaration of "thousands of civillians slaughtered by Gadaffi" and "in order to avoid the further slaugthering of thousands of innocent civillians". Where are any statistics of real victim of violence apart from the 78 detailed by Fox News and other media? Or is it that this information is of no consequence, although (as in every crime) it is the ONLY base for this terribly destructive war, which is causing a huge number of unreported victims?


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