Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama's War on Libya to be Advanced Against Israel

Guest Post by David Berman. My comments follow the hashtags.


1. Obama uses the UN Resolution to enter into the Right 2 Protect innocent civilians in Libya from slaughter by Kaddafi.

2. Israel will eventually defend itself against terror strikes from the Gaza Strip and take action similar to Operation Cast Lead and enter the Gaza Strip to attack the terror elements

3. Hamas/Hezbollah will hide behind civilians (or dress in civilian clothes) and Israel will unfortunately kill innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip who are put in harms way

4. The UN will call for the Right 2 Protect innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip……

5. Obama acts to protect them.

This is why Obama did not go to Congress for approval. This issue would have come up.

Let me further expand on this...

Over the weekend SoS Hilary Clinton said the Obama administration did not need to seek Congressional approval for the Libyan action because of it being sanctioned by the UN and having International support. That this mission was for humanitarian reasons.

One then must conclude the following:

The Obama administration has ceded control of the Armed Forces of the United States of American to the United Nations when they sanction military intervention(s) for humanitarian reasons, the right to protect is the terminology they are using. So if the United Nations approves military intervention to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip the United States will be able to act independent of Congressional approval. Mind you, with a dramatic increase in terror activities emanating from the Gaza Strip Israel will have little choice in the near future than to conduct ground operations similar to their operation Cast Lead. This will inevitably lead to civilian casualties whether they be terrorists dressed in civilian clothes or from terror elements engaging Israeli forces from behind the protective shield of innocent civilians.

It is my belief that Hamas and Hezbollah and other terror organizations realize this to and will do they utmost to create a situation where they can invoke the already well established anti-Israeli tendencies of the United Nations and the newly found power of the right to protect against Israel. The only question is whether or not the Obama administration plays along or not.

# # # # #

It is an interesting idea; Obama uses the UN as cover to launch a military action, the UN uses human rights to justify strikes, the UN constantly condemns Israel for human rights violation (in my opinion unjustly, but that matters little in the analysis), Obama's Middle East policy has been to throw Israel under the bus; thus Obama will use the UN as cover to bomb Israel bypassing Congress where he could never get the support to do so.

As interesting an academic thought exercise that is, I do not believe that it would work even if intended as such (which I do not). There is a major difference between the ruler of a country bombing their own civilians with the stated intention of massacring people who disagree with him politically, and a country that puts its own troops at increased danger to try and save non-citizens in an effort to stop terrorist from killing its civilians. In Libya you had a government intentionally massacring their own people. In Israel you would have the military trying to stop terrorist that are using their civilians as human shields. It is the terrorist that are both targeting Israeli civilians and putting their fellow residents of Gaza or the West Bank in harms way. The Israelis would be trying to protect citizens on both sides as best they can, even though that means more Israeli soldiers would be injured and die then if they did not care about the residents in Gaza. The true humanitarian intervention would be on the side of Israel.

There is also a major difference regarding the relative strength of Israel and Libya. It is likely that we will lose more personnel and equipment from mechanical failures and human error then enemy fire in Libya. That would not be the case in a war against Israel.

Americans would never accept the clearly flawed logic if Obama tried to apply it to Israel, and if he did try I think there would be a serious movement to have him thrown out of office.


  1. Honestly, I'm not sure what would happen if he ordered strikes on Israel; our military is VERY used to thinking of Israel as our only ally in a sh***y place. You might see some refusals to follow orders, and questions about whether those are lawful orders.

  2. How can it be that a completely info backed comment, not pro obama, should be impossible to publish?

  3. What I tried to comment is the fact that, with the aid of the regressive media, thhe UN and disregard of both the Constitution and specific Law, anything may be made up to attack any nation, such as Libya, e.g. Apart from the fact that this small (6 mill pop)defenseless nation, did not attack any other country and the detailedly reported number of "innocent peaceful protesters" added up to a total of improbable 78 victims, there exists no real reason for the US, France, UK and the NATO Armed Forces to attack Libya, declaring an idiotically named Humanitarian War. Considering the small number of victims, the war was based on totally fictitious information published by the media, which repeated Obama´s and other of his followers´declaration of "thousands of civillians slaughtered by Gadaffi" and "in order to avoid the further slaugthering of thousands of innocent civillians". Where are any statistics of real victim of violence apart from the 78 detailed by Fox News and other media? Or is it that this information is of no consequence, although (as in every crime) it is the ONLY base for this terribly destructive war, which is causing a huge number of unreported victims?

  4. @Simon Stone - For some reason Google comment filters flagged some of your posts as Spam. I have published your other comments, and believe the problem should be fixed. I do not filter comments based on opinion.


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