Thursday, March 17, 2011

House Votes to Defund NPR

James O'Keefe is a giant killer. Well; this one (that being NPR) is likely only grazed thus far as the Senate is unlikely to go along with this. If Republicans are really serious about this they can make the funding cut part of the $2 billion saved per week in the next continuing resolution or as part of a complete budget.

"The House on Thursday voted to end federal funding to National Public Radio. Republican supporters said it made good fiscal sense, and Democratic opponents called it an ideological attack that would deprive local stations of access to programs such as “Car Talk” and “All Things Considered.”

The bill, passed 228-192 along mainly partisan lines, would bar federal funding of NPR and prohibit local public stations from using federal money to pay NPR dues and buy its programs. The prospects of support in the Democratic-controlled Senate are slim. Seven Republicans broke ranks to vote against the bill.

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