Friday, March 25, 2011

Nato to Take Control of Libyan Operation

At least that seems to be the idea behind the move. The reality is much more confusing and this seems that is could easily and quickly degenerate to a war led by committee; a committee that involves some who do not want to see much of anything go on.

"Under a deal hammered out in bad tempered negotiations on Thursday between Britain, the US, France and Turkey, the Alliance will assume responsibility for the no-fly zone within 48 hours.

But the US will retain control of the military assaults on Col Gaddafi's forces.
Mr Hague proposed a two-tiered structure giving "Nato assets" command and control of military operations, the "arms embargo, no-fly zone and civilian protection", which was approved by the US, Turkey and France.

The second structure, modelled on Nato's International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan, will bring together Nato and non-Alliance countries, including the Arab League and African Union, to "steer" strategy.

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