Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Obama to Resume Gitmo Military Trials

Gitmo staying open and military tribunals being resumed; a double gut punch to Obama's supporters.

Obama is trying to play both sides of the coin here putting out a statement that he remains committed to doing the exact opposite of what he is actually doing. Watch in amazed disbelief (that, or mundane predictability) as most in the 'main stream media' let him get away with being on both sides at the same time.


"President Obama on Monday ordered that military commission trials be resumed at Guantánamo Bay.

The move represents a defeat for Obama, who pledged to close the terrorist detention facility in Cuba within one year of taking office. The president had hoped to hold trials in federal court for many of the detainees, but ran into stiff opposition from both parties. 
The White House said Obama "remains committed" to closing the Guantánamo camp, but the president's decision to direct Gates to rescind his suspension of new charges by military commissions signals it is unlikely prisoners will be successfully transferred anytime soon."

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