Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet The Liberal Elite

Video embedded below.

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  1. For bermanpost, it's easier to put up cartoons with a straw man "liberal " elite, then it is to talk about the actual elite and oligarchs- life long bureaucrats like Cheney and Rumsfeld, idiot son heirs of aristocratic wealth like bush or the brothers Koch, the consolidation of government and corporate power or the military industrial complex.

    Typical of right wing talkers, looking at actual power in America isn't an interest or concern so this really isn't surprising. In fact they function to shield and deflect accountability or scrutiny of our most powerful factions and to serve them. It's how right wing elites gain power in life, by serving institutions ideas and people that prop up an oligarchical system of power with a political system rigged by billionaires. Its why there is such fanaticism about destroying labor unions or any other kind of countervailing political institutions that largely represent middle class or working people instead of the rich.

    The Glenn beck levels of stupidity in this video reflect this reality- I m sure whoever made it thinks they are dissenting in some form, and that's true. But it's a dissent that really just aligns oneself with those in power.

    Remember the old saying: the government, wall street, a tea partier and a union sit down at a table with loaves of bread. The government gives 98 percent to wall street the last two to the unions, wall street turns to the tea partier and screams "those unions took all of your bread".


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