Thursday, March 3, 2011

Iran Threatens London Olympics Boycott Over 'Racist' Logo

Those crafty Jews almost snuck another one by us... . This obsession with fictions Jewish plots must be taxing on the brain.

"Iran is threatening to boycott of the 2012 London Olympics because it claims the official logo for the games resembles the word "Zion," which is a biblical term for Jerusalem.

Bahram Afsharzadeh, the secretary-general of Iran's National Olympic Committee, says he sent a letter to IOC president Jacques Rogge in which he condemns the logo as "racist" and calls upon other Muslim countries to join in protest.
If you're reading vertically rather than horizontally and think an irregular pentagon resembles the letter "I" then you can sort of make out "zion" in the logo. Although if you read counterclockwise from the bottom left it also looks like "Izzo," which may draw copyright complaints from Jay-Z and cries of protest from Ohio State fans.

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