Wednesday, January 12, 2011

United States Drops to 9th in Index of Economic Freedom (77.8% Free)

United States dropped one spot to 9th place in Index of Economic Freedom with a score of 77.8% Free. That puts us in the 'Mostly Free' category; the category we entered last year from 'Free'.

While an intern at the Heritage Foundation a number of years ago, I wrote the article Free Economies Help Women. The conclusion, based on a lot of research, was that the more free a country was the better off everyone was, but the prospects of woman improved proportionally more than men.

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"The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal released the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom, and while the news is good for many countries, it is depressing for the United States. All told, 117 countries, mainly developing and emerging market economies, improved their Economic Freedom Index score. Meanwhile the U.S. dropped to 9th place, remaining “mostly free,” weighed down by the burden of President Obama’s spending spree."

You can find the ranking page at and explore the data at


  1. I am awaiting this uncomplimantary position for US economy. Probably, it could be lower position. Why ? From a particular point of view, US economy has presented lesser potential for last months. Many financial analysts say about the problem with the deficit, and bigger scepticism on the stock market, sluggish public administration or legislation for investors... and many more. I hope that the following year will be better for US economy.

  2. Did government tyranny cause the Great Depression? No, that laregly happened because businesses, particularly banks and Wall Street, were allowed to do pretty much as they pleased, and gambled the economy into the ground as a result.


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