Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mark Levin Offering 100k if Someone Can Prove he or Palin Promoted Murder of Anyone (Non-Terrorist) And Threatens Suit For False Allegations

If you think Levin or Palin prompted Loughner's shooting spree, there could be a 100k waiting for your proof. There may also be a lawsuit waiting for you if you can not back up your statements.

"Talk show hosts were also wrongly singled out, including Mark Levin, who has decided to fight back against MSNBC and its smear machine. After a solid week of anti-talker/Palin attacks, lefties then rewrote history to claim they had willingly jumped into the fray for publicity.

Rather than stand by during the dirty tricks campaign, Levin is going on the offensive. Not only has he threatened to sue the far-left cable network, he's defending Palin as well, offering $100,000 for evidence she's "promoted the murder of anyone".

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  1. Ian Dubrowsky1/19/2011 4:01 PM

    haha authoritarian political movements, like the American Conservative movement promote the murder of people by the U.S. government on a daily basis.

    This is a pretty dumb publicity stunt anyway. If tomorrow Loughner comes out and says "I did it because of Sarah Palin", that still wouldn't be proof Palin according to Levin "promoted the murder" of anybody.

  2. @Ian Dubrowsky - I assume that is your way of saying that you do not have any evidence of them calling for someone's murder.

  3. Ian Dubrowsky1/23/2011 12:37 AM

    Here is Sarah Palin, calling for Julian Assange's murder:

  4. @Ian Dubrowsky - "Here is Sarah Palin, calling for Julian Assange's murder" - If this is the best you can do it is pretty weak. The quote "pursued with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders" does not necessarily mean kill. Given the choice between killing or capturing al Qaeda leaders (assuming minimal risk to allied forces) we would much rather capture in order to acquire intelligence. The reasonable interpretation of her statement is to capture Assange. Even if she had said outright that he should be killed, there is the exception to the rule for terrorists. The term terrorist may not sit right with Assange, but it is hard to argue the information he leaked will not help them. At the very least Assange could be considered a sort of spy (or spy handler). Either way, that is a far cry from calling for the murder of Giffords or any other congressman/senator/governor... .

  5. Ian Dubrowsky1/24/2011 1:16 PM

    You must thing everyone else is dumber then you. You the government or Sarah Palin cannot name a single thing Juilian Assange has done that is illegal, let alone requires him to be hunted with a predator drone. Didn't get to civil liberties law in law school did you?

    What he has done is embaress the U.S. government and our most powerful factions- which is what really upsets people like Palin. That you feel the need to defend her calling for somone's murder is just part and parcel of the kind of political atmosphere she wants and why she has been so succesful in creating that.

    I know people who volunteer with Wikileaks, If sarah Palin had called for people in your family to be hunted like the taliban- maybe you would feel differently.

    When you call for someone to be "pursued" by the government like they are taliban or al qaeda, in my book that is a call to justify their killing. Even if I took you seriously, here you are saying "well she just thinks he should be tortured" well because Sarah says so... and right, Sarah never does anything wrong.

  6. @Ian Dubrowsky - Civil liberties do not apply to Assange right now in the way you are thinking for the same reason he is not guilty of treason.

    I believe her call was for capture not kill; but again even calling for the a spy/spy-handler to be taken out is not on the same level as calling for an American politician to be killed.

    I never said anything about torture. I never even hinted at enhances interrogation. Palin is not perfect, no one is, but that does not mean she is responsible for a lunatics rampage.

  7. Ian Dubrowsky1/25/2011 10:51 AM

    Of course Civil liberties apply, unless you are an American authoritarian who thinks whomever the gov deems an enemy should be put in a blackhole prison site the rest of their lives...

    But consistent with your approach of non rational political ideas- Julian assange is neither a spy nor a spy handler. Learn the facts, it doesn't matter if assange is a politician or not, saying what she does about her political enemies is just part and parcel of the kind of violent awful person she is.

  8. @Ian Dubrowsky - Assange is not a citizen of the US, nor a resident/domicile, not in the USA...

    What ever title you want to give Assange there is no getting around the fact that he intentionally provided our enemies with classified intelligence that damages our country. He is not a 'political enemy', he is a foreign provocateur.

    All this talk about how 'violent' she is. Why does you logic not allow for the possibility that you would be at fault for inspiring someone to stop her but at the same time condemn Palin?

  9. Ian Dubrowsky1/27/2011 2:44 PM

    The constitution does not just apply to U.S. citizens, learn the facts.

    "What ever title you want to give Assange there is no getting around the fact that he intentionally provided our enemies with classified intelligence that damages our country. He is not a 'political enemy', he is a foreign provocateur."

    this is so creepy it borders on the Orwellian. Who in your mind are our "enemies"? you, Sarah Palin and the government have absolutely no rational reason (let alone proof) to believe that any information released by wikileaks "provided our enemies with intelligence" that "damages our country". If anything the information by wikileaks has damaged the corrupt dictators that the U.S. and Israel supports in places like Tunisia.

    The emperor really has no clothes, wikileaks shows that, and that is essentially why the government and it's apparatchiks want it destroyed. Interesting how when it comes to this issue, your position and the position of the most powerful factions of the government and media are indistinguishable.

    Because what i say and insinuate about Sarah Palin is true. Unlike what people like Sarah (death panels?) and Beck say, which in reality has actually inspired people towards violence. To be fair though it figures, To buy into their message in the first place you have to be a bit tad unhinged from reality.


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