Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Nation Rally Smaller Then Beck's Restoring Honor Rally

I still have not found a good overhead shot yet, but based on the pictures I have seen and the organizers own estimates, it seems safe to say it was smaller then Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. Here are the best images/clips I have found thus far with some 'official' commentary. There will be a follow up after some aerial shots surface to compare.

"Organizers said they were expecting more than 100,000 to attend the rally. Thousands of people packed the area around the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but based on an unscientific estimate there were significantly fewer people than when Fox News’ Glenn Beck hosted the conservative “Restoring Honor” rally there Aug. 28. At that rally, attendees were forced to stand shoulder to shoulder the entire length of the Reflecting Pool.

One Nation spokeswoman Denise Gray-Felder estimated the crowd at between 175,000 and 200,000 people — fewer than the 300,000 to 500,000 claimed by Beck for his rally.

"More than 400 organizations — ranging from labor unions to faith, environmental and gay rights groups — partnered for the event, which comes one month after Beck packed the same space with conservatives and tea party-style activists.

Organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck's rally. But Saturday's crowds were less dense and didn't reach as far to the edges as they did during Beck's rally. The National Park Service stopped providing official crowd estimates in the 1990s.

Video embedded below.

Picture embedded below.

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