Sunday, October 10, 2010

'Jigger' Now Considered Racist Because it Sounds Like Another Word?!?

This makes complete sense and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the person using the word was a Republican. After all, when Obama used the word 'Jigger' there was a national firestorm over how our president could be so racially insensitive; or not...

Where exactly do these hypersensitive people (though only hypersensitive when a Republican is talking) want the line to be drawn? Do walls still have cracks in them or are they zig-zag breaks since crack is only an 'er' away from a racially insensitive word toward whites. When asked about books/magazines you can no longer say you read them because read is pronounced the same as the color red which is the first part of insult toward southerners. When you get out of the pool you are not wet but damp since wet is the first part of an insult toward Hispanics. This really is ridiculous.

Video embedded below.

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