Saturday, October 16, 2010

High School Caught Spying on Kids With School Issued Laptop Settles For $1.2M+ of Fees And Costs

After being caught they did avoid charges but could not avoid being sued. The school has since stopped using the technology.

"A Pennsylvania school district has agreed to a $610,000 settlement in a controversial legal battle over its use of Webcam technology on school-issued laptops.
The settlement calls for $175,000 to be placed in a trust for Robbins, while a second student who sued, Jalil Hassan, will get $10,000. In addition, the students' attorney, Mark Haltzman, will get $425,000 in legal fees—bringing the district's tab to $610,000.
"A major impetus behind settling this matter now is the recent agreement by our insurance carrier, Graphic Arts, to cover more than $1.2M of the fees and costs associated with this litigation to date," Lower Merion School Board President David Ebby said in a statement.

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