Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maddow (MSNBC) Can Not Take Criticism During Interview With Republican Candidate

It is a long clip, but I doubt you will even consider stopping in the middle. How did it take a week for this to pop up on the web?

Video embedded below.

"With the loss of the surplus of slick-talking career politicians, candidates, empowered by their knowledge that their unadulterated message is capable of being out on the internet, are empowered to engage their liberal “hosts” and demand, in no uncertain terms, balance and proper context during their interviews. The most riveting example of likely this campaign season happened last week.

On October 7th, Art Robinson, challenger to Representative DeFazio in Oregon’s 4th district appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show in what is sure to be one of the most memorable interviews in this election. Maddow prefaces the interview by describing the supposed lack of documentation on a PAC that is being used to fund a specific ad campaign against Rep. DeFazio. Maddow then brings on Art Robinson and asks him about this funding. Mr. Robinson doesn’t even give an inch of space before going on the attack. He immediately questions Maddow on whether or not she gave Rep. DeFazio the same treatment about his finances. Art Robinson in less than two minutes into the interview catches something that Media Matters has been ignoring since its inception.

The grueling, cringe-fest, and riveting 18-minute interview has Maddow on constant defense. Her only defense, by the way, is deflection. By the end of the interview, Maddow completely loses her pseudo-intellectual pseudo-investigative composure. She drops her passive aggressive fa├žade and fills the gaps with wildly condescending comments to Mr. Robinson. He responds by pointing out her sarcasm laced with her condescension and Maddow in the middle of the interview claims that he obviously doesn’t know what sarcasm means.

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