Monday, October 11, 2010

Brown's (D) Wife Was The Person Who Called Whitman (R) a 'Whore'?

When Brown's (D) failed to hand up the phone after leaving a voice mail someone was overheard calling Whitman (R) a 'Whore'. Sources indicate the person was Brown's wife. It is not clear what sort of political impact it will have, but having his wife instead of a staffer making the comment does present another wrinkle; he can not fire his wife.

"Fox News is claiming it has sources whom have identified the person in Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown's campaign who called Republican challenger Meg Whitman a "whore."

The comment was accidentally recorded on voice mail after Brown thought he hung up the phone after leaving a message for the Los Angeles Police Union.

Fox News says people with knowledge of what happened say it was Brown's wife who suggested calling Whitman a "whore," for cutting a deal to get the union's endorsement.

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