Saturday, October 16, 2010

Couples Three Children Born on 8/8/2008, 9/9/2009, And 10/10/2010 Respectively

"A triple-dose of rare birth dates for their three children, who were born on 8/8/2008, 9/9/2009 and 10/10/2010.

The Rockford couple's good fortune, capped with Sunday's birth of their daughter, Cearra Nicole, has led to a crush of national and local media attention for the young family.
So, what's ahead for the fortuitous couple? Perhaps trying to stretch their luck for another family addition on Nov. 11, 2011?

Not a chance, both say.

"Definitely no," Barbie Soper said. "With the health problems, no. We wanted three and I'm glad we have that."

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