Monday, October 25, 2010 (and

Ever wonder the journey your dollars take; you can tell where they started by the print marks, but how they ended up in your hand was a mystery. changes that. If you are curious about where your bill came from just head over to the site, fill in some bill identifying information, and you can see where it has been. There is a rather huge precondition for this to work; someone else must have already done the same. If not, you will be the first. That being the case future owners of the bill will be able to track it from you. the site has been operational for a while and have an impressive number of bills that have been entered into the system. That said, there are an awful lot of bills in circulation. Only one way to find out if a bill in your possession is in the system, that is to head over to and check.

If you are from Canada or in possession of Canadian currency you can head over to to track it.

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