Sunday, October 3, 2010

Environmental ad 'No Pressure' Preaches 'Join us or Die'

I thought the The Green Police Audi was creepy. This ad manages to top it without breaking a sweat. The message is clear, 'join us [the environmental movement] or die'.

Video embedded below.

"Here’s the group’s “sorry if you were offended” apology. I’m surprised they didn’t plead satire and claim they were actually trying to parody the way greens are perceived by the public. E.g., “See, the joke is that some of you really do think we’re this fanatic.” But no — they are that fanatic, at least insofar as they’re suggesting climate-change skeptics are burdens to society whom we need to rid ourselves of. The “joke” is simply the exterminationist way in which the undesirables are dealt with. It’s black humor! Get it?"

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