Sunday, October 3, 2010

Did Bush Offer to Take 100,000 Palestinians in to The US?

The story seems to be at a bit of an impasse with Olmert saying a very senior official made the offer and Abrams saying it never happened. This is a bit peculiar because Olmert does not seem to have any motivation or reason to lie, yet it seems highly unlikely such an offer was met. Perhaps what actually happened was the idea was thrown out in some sort of a brain storming session without much serious thought or consideration; though that really would not make much sense either. Colossal miscommunication?

"Today, after news yesterday that Ehud Olmert claimed that President George W. Bush promised to take in 100,000 Palestinian refugees as U.S. citizens, former Bush National Security Council member Elliot Abrams denies that such a promise was ever made.

Abrams, who was deputy national security adviser for global democracy strategy and held the Middle East portfolio on the National Security Council, said Bush administration officials did believe that if a peace deal was reached with the Palestinians, there would need to be actions by many countries to address the refugee issue, both financially and by offering to take some refugees… But he said there was no commitment to take 100,000.

Olmert still claims, however, that his earlier assertion was correct. “Promises were indeed made on this issue by very senior Bush administration officials who were involved in the details of the negotiations with the Palestinians,” Olmert’s office said in a release to the press.


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