Saturday, July 3, 2010

UK Telegraph Caught Participating in Anti-Israel Fauxtography

Do major news organizations really think that such an obvious bias is going to slip through unnoticed? What is really almost comical here is that once the original bias was publicized and the UK Telegraph forced to change it, they just replaced it with another biased picture/caption.

"Last week the UK Daily Telegraph ran an article about the Gaza Blockade, this is how the article looked:


Does the picture look familiar? That’s because it is the same exact photograph from two years ago.  This time the caption says:

The blockade prevents Gaza from exporting any goods, putting a crippling squeeze on the local economy, and restricts imports to a limited amount of basic humanitarian aid Photo: AP

There is the possibility the Telegraph used a two-year-old picture because they were just too lazy to find a new one.  But, more likely is that the newspaper couldn’t find a new photograph because there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

After protests lead by the media watchdog site Honest Reporting, the Telegraph has changed the picture to:


Not to be prevented from telling the story without bias, they used a picture of a terrorist entering one of the tunnels Hamas uses to smuggle weapons across the Egyptian border but gives it a benign caption:

A Palestinian tunnel worker is lowered into one of the tunnels on the Egyptian border.

It seems every time one hole of bias is plugged, another leak of misinformation springs up.


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