Thursday, July 8, 2010

Simulated Kidnapping Tourist Option

Led a fairly normal and safe life? What to change all that by paying someone to kidnap you at random? Yeah, mean either. Random thought, what do you suppose the insurance on that kidnapper is; they are liable to get all kinds of hurt by people that do not what is going on or the person who hired them not realizing it is part of the act.

"simulated kidnapping experiences could soon be on traveller's must do lists.

Design concepts for such creative ideas have been showcased at the Tourism Futures conference in Brisbane.

"Now that Virgin Galactic is hopefully going to have their first passengers in outer space as early as 2012 these kind of creative ideas are potentially going to become reality,’’ Craig Shim, Tourism Queensland marketing manager, said.

Mr Shim said a French company was already offering simulated kidnapping packages, in which people can pay to be abducted without warning, bound, gagged and imprisoned for between four and ten hours.

"It allows you to experience the terror of the real thing,’’ he said.

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