Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kids in England Removed From Music Classes 'Because Islam Forbids Playing an Instrument' (via)

"Muslim pupils are being withdrawn from music lessons because some Islamic beliefs forbid followers learning an instrument.

State schools are thought to have allowed hundreds of pupils to stop having classes despite music being part of the compulsory National Curriculum.
Headteacher Eileen Ross said some parents 'don't want children to play musical instruments and they don't have music in their homes'.

'For goodwill I allow that parent to withdraw their child from all music but I am in fact denying the child the opportunity that the other children in the class have,' she told BBC London News.

Some Muslims believe that playing musical instruments is forbidden in the same way that alcohol is banned.

Parents have no automatic right to withdraw their children from subjects such as music, although legal exemptions exist for religious and sex education.

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