Monday, April 11, 2011

Real 'Change' we Can Believe in

The other day when I bought breakfast, the cashier handed me a Canadian coin as part of the change owed. Though it does not happen often, I have received Canadian coins as change before. This time was different. It used to be that when a Canadian coin was handed to me I would see it as a novelty, but a financial loss; a small loss but a loss none the less. This time, I saw it as both a novelty and a gain.

The truth is the reciprocal of what the title suggests. American change (coins) with the rest of the currency is being devalued. We are getting to the point, if we have not already, where you can not trust the change in your pocket to be store of value even over the relative short term. The change that you can believe in become foreign coins.

Then again, commodity prices are going through the roof. It could be that people no longer believe in foreign change either.

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