Saturday, April 16, 2011

Assad (Syrian President) Pledges to End Emergency Laws

A sign that the protesters are growing in strength or a pump-fake; I am leaning toward the latter because the Syrian authorities appear to have no compunctions against mass murder to maintain power.

"Bowing to pressure from a popular uprising, Syria’s president promised Saturday to end nearly 50 years of emergency rule next week but coupled his concession with a stern warning - that further unrest will be considered sabotage.

The protest movement has been steadily growing over the past four weeks, posing a serious challenge to the 40-year ruling dynasty of President Bashar Assad and his father before him. A British-trained eye doctor who inherited power 11 years ago, Assad acknowledged Saturday that Syrians have legitimate grievances.

But he warned there will no longer be “an excuse” for organizing protests once Syria lifts emergency rule and implements a spate of reforms, which he said will include a new law allowing the formation of political parties.

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