Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Massachusetts Democrats Vote to Restrict Unions

This is different the Wisconsin though, which of course was 'much, much, much' worse and inhumane because ... it is Demarcates doing the stripping?

"House lawmakers voted overwhelmingly last night to strip police officers, teachers, and other municipal employees of most of their rights to bargain over health care, saying the change would save millions of dollars for financially strapped cities and towns.

The 111-to-42 vote followed tougher measures to broadly eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees in Ohio, Wisconsin, and other states. But unlike those efforts, the push in Massachusetts was led by Democrats who have traditionally stood with labor to oppose any reduction in workers’ rights.

Unions fought hard to stop the bill, launching a radio ad that assailed the plan and warning legislators that if they voted for the measure, they could lose their union backing in the next election. After the vote, labor leaders accused House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and other Democrats of turning their backs on public employees.


  1. are you not happy about their rights being taken away?

  2. @Anonymous - more interested in how this is such a big deal when majority Republican legislatures take these actions, and not even worthy of a passing mention on the major networks and news sites when it is done by a majority Democrat legislature.

  3. well not really- Democratic party sites like Daily Kos were jumping up and down about this.

    “It’s pretty stunning,’’ said Robert J. Haynes, president of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO. “These are the same Democrats that all these labor unions elected. The same Democrats who we contributed to in their campaigns. The same Democrats who tell us over and over again that they’re with us, that they believe in collective bargaining, that they believe in unions. . . . It’s a done deal for our relationship with the people inside that chamber.’’

    “We are going to fight this thing to the bitter end,’’ he added. “Massachusetts is not the place that takes collective bargaining away from public employees.’’

    The problem people have with Democrats it seems is that they act like Republicans- typical constinuencies are not at all happy about this. Again, shouldn't you be happy about people having their rights taken away? isn't that what you stand for?

  4. @Anonymous - "shouldn't you be happy about people having their rights taken away" - clever word choice... I am a fan of fiscal sanity.

    "The problem people have with Democrats it seems is that they act like Republicans" - the real problem was that Republicans started acting like Dems (see spending under Bush). If they can get their act together they should be able to retake the Senate and defeat Obama in this reelection campaign (hopefully) putting our country back on a fiscally sane path...


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