Sunday, December 6, 2009

Iran - 'Never Mind on Those 10 New Nuclear Plants, we Are Actually Building 20'

Iran appears to be scratching the plan to build 10 new nuclear plants. They are instead opting to build 20 new nuclear plants. My analysis is essentially the same as in the first post (linked to above). The main difference is that my point has be reinforced by this latest rebuke of international diplomacy. (via)

"Iran said on Saturday it needed 20 uranium enrichment plants to provide fuel for its nuclear power plants, an announcement likely to heighten tension with six major powers over the Islamic state's nuclear ambitions.
In a defiant response to last week's International Atomic Energy Agency vote rebuking Iran for building a second enrichment plant in secret, Tehran said on Sunday it would build 10 more sites like its Natanz underground one monitored by the IAEA.

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